The Blue Bus

It was our first bus and it made our fortunes Some of the Blue Bus’ best experiences had been: fastweb advertisement with famous model Stella di plastica, Ignazio Abate’s wedding, Flavia Pennetta and fabio Fognini’s wedding and Pink Panda’s music video. Thanks to its pleasant charm, it has soon conquered both italian and foreign audience. It is a soft color vintage bus, equipped with every details and with at maximum of 9 seats.
Click here to watch any blue bus’ videoclips.

The Box Bus

The exclusive boxbus is a new way to enjoy VW t2 vintage bus: thanks to the extendable cabin, it can be used for different purposes. If you want to find out more about The Box Bus click here.

The  Wander Bus

The last one arrived in the Event2 family. A new bus ready to wander around the area of Milan and the province, available for weddings, corporate events, photo shoots and music videoclips.

Black Beetle Cabrio

It is the classic “Maggiolino cabrio” with sinuous and elegant shapes. It is the car that all classic car lovers agree that it represents the perfect mix between cabrio, coupe and utility car. It is often used for photo shooting and and videoclips; it is recommended for its simplicity in design and comfort.

Yellow Beetle

The friendly yellow wants to stand out from the crowd through its glittering color. The yellow dress makes it a unique car, suitable for any kind of event.

White Beetle Cabrio

White is the color of elegance that fits perfectly with beetle cabrio.

Golf Cabrio First Series

The most sold convertible ever. It’s the perfect car for hip-hop music videoclips. One of our most important works was done with Nandu Popu from South Sound System. Click here for watching the videoclip.

Duetto Cabrio

The mythical spider Alfa Romeo two-seater, the most popular and longest sport car in the Italian automobile. The car is rentable without a driver.


Giggetto is the all-purpose pick-up, whose three versions most used are the bar, the banquet and the stage for small musical groups


The legendary French has made the history of cars becoming over time a transversal car, for young people and families, and maintaining innovative technologies that make it even today a unique means.